The Way We Live Now And Then

Curated by Mary Conlon

In his recent blog-post Now Then (25 July 2014), Adam Curtis proposes that hidden systems have frozen time. Rather than propelling us towards a new or unknown vision of the future, post-industrial technology has become an instrument of surveillance and control identifying patterns and correlations in order to stop change in the world. Human experience, Curtis suggests, is reduced to a finite quantity of information, data or metadata is interpreted to predict behaviour, to detect contradictions, to ensure a perpetual state of stasis.

"What we are planning to build is a centralized archive of humankind, and we are attempting to store it in the smallest possible space, along the lines of the individual memories in our brains" (Italo Calvino, World Memory, Tales and Dialogues 1968-1984)

'Archive I' 2014  

'Archive II" 2014  

'Archive III' 2014